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The relationship between Andernach and the wine producing village Leutesdorf has longstanding roots. For as long as there was a car ferry, and in later years a foot passenger ferry, which connected both sides of the river, the people from Andernach regularly visited Leutesdorf, especially because of the great wine. People from Leutesdorf came to Andernach too, to visit the many festivities and to go shopping. With the recent opening of the "Geysir Erlebniszentrum" (Geyser Discovery Center), a ferry connection between both sides of the river has been reestablished. Thus the traditional relationship between both towns will now be revived.

Leutesdorf - always connected to good wine

Leutesdorf has a lot to offer to its visitors: A beautiful townscape right on the Rhine River, the surrounding vineyards including "Edmundhütte", the winegrowers with their Strausswirtschaften (temporary taverns during harvest season) and wine farmer festivals, Emmausgang on Easter Monday and the culinary wine experience on Mothers Day, winegrower festival on the second weekend of September and an overall great cultural program.

Moreover, Leutesdorf has a number of circular routes for hikers and walkers. Weinkul-Tour should be mentioned especially. It is a 3 km hike through the vineyards of Leutesdorf, during which 33 signposts tell you all you need to know about wine-growing as well as historical and geographical facts about the area. This circular route is connected to "Apfel-Lehrpfad" (apple nature trail), which leads you through the orchards of Leutesdorf that are situated above the vineyards. There is a new premium hiking-trail called "Rheinsteig", which leads directly past Leutesdorf. Of course the people from Leutesdorf are also glad about the reactivation of the geyser on the Namedyer Werth. These are two highlights that attract many people to visit the region.
If your interest has been aroused, just stop by in Leutesdorf. From Friday to Sunday it is now possible by ferry boat, leave your car in the garage. Discover Leutesdorf - in its vineyards and farms, and its taverns. Visit Brombeerschenke (blackberry inn) on Rheinhöhe and Edmundhütte with its breathtaking view of the Rhine valley - and of Andernach!

Leutesdorf warmly welcomes all visitors! For more information visit the homepage: www.leutesdorf-rhein.de