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Rheinburgenweg (Rhine Castle Trail)

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The cultural landscape along the Rhine Castle Trail is very beautiful. The versatile and breathtaking trails meander along heights and through snug side valleys. This is the perfect environment for all adventure seeking and knowledge thirsty travelers as well as tourists who are simply looking for a time out. Rhine Castle Trail offers a perfect mix of adventure and retreat.

On a stretch of 200 km, Rheinburgenweg leads you through various unique cultural landscapes from Rolandsbogen near Remagen to Mäuseturm (Mouse Tower) near Bingen. On your way you will experience parts of the Rheinisches Schiefergebirge (Rhenish Massif) with its various facets and you will come across Ahrtal, one of Germanys most northern vineyards in Germany. Moreover, you can visit the worlds highest cold water geyser which is close to Andernach. A ferry boat takes you there from the Andernach river promenade. From Andernach you will go to Koblenz, the entrance to the UNESCO world heritage site Oberes Mittelrheintal (Upper Middle Rhine Valley). Rhine Castle Trail passes through the entire world heritage valley and brings you on the left side of the Rhine to Bingen.

For further information on the Rhine Castle Trail visit www.rheinburgenweg.com