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Vulkanexpress (Volcano Express)


Regardless whether you come on a hiking trip or as a bicycle tourist, as a nature lover or a railway enthusiast, a ride on Broltalbahn (Brohl valley train) will let you enjoy relaxing hours while you experience a myriad of natural and cultural landscapes.

The trains, which are moved by steam and diesel locomotives, will bring you at a pace of 20 km/h from Brohl on the Rhein to Engeln in the Eifel Mountains.

On the ride you will see interesting rock formations, initially slate, later volcanic trass and tuff stone. These line the ride along Brohlbachtal (Brohl brook valley) until Burgbrohl (Brohl castle). However, before you reach the picturesque timbered train station of Burgbrohl, the train will cross the 120 m wide and 12 m high viaduct which traverses over the valley of Brohl creek. Next, the narrow track with its historical gauge of 1 m, passes through the only tunnel on the 18 km trajectory. It is a very fascinating experience when the puffing steam locomotive drags the fully seated train through the nearly 100 m long tunnel tube. We do not want to give away too much about the landscape - after all you want to discover its beauty yourself.

For more information visit: www.vulkan-express.de.