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Vulkanpark-Radweg (Volcano Park Bicycle Route)

The volcano park bicycle route is a 32 km bicycle path from Andernach on the Rhine to the city of Mayen in the Eastern part of the Volcanic Eifel Region. The path connects various volcanological and archaeological projects. The route consists mostly of paved bicycle paths and country roads or rural roads. The route is mostly even but it contains stretches of median inclination.
The tourist information provides a free flyer of volcano park bicycle route (Vulkanparkradweg).

Start: Andernach, Alter Krahnen (old crane, right on the left river bank)
Destination: Mayen, Mayener Grubenfeld
Vertical height: 225m
Longitude: ca. 32 km
Route description: Mostly paved bicycle route and country and rural roads in great condition. Mostly even with stretches of median inclination.
Signposting: Follow the numerous green-white sign posts and the route logo "Vulkanius".
Bicyle & railway: Almost parallel to the route of volcano bicycle route runs the railway link of the Eifel-Pellenz-Railway with stations in Andernach, Miesenheim, Plaidt, Kruft, Niedermendig, Thür, Kottenheim and Mayen-Ost. Thus, it is possible to partly ride the route on your bicycle and to partly go by train.
Tip: If you are looking for an easy ride, take the route from Mayen to Andernach. This way the route is mostly downhill.

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